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How We Work for Job Seekers

Job applicants can apply by sending their curriculum vitae (CV) by email to VAC or directly to the employer.

If job applicants send their resumes (CV) to VAC, our staff will search for companies that match the CV and send the CV to the suitable companies. When companies notify us of shortlisted candidates, then job interviews are arranged.

If job applicants send their resumes (CV) directly to the employer, the employers will select the suitable candidates and reply for the job interview.

Job applicants are not required to pay VAC for such services at all. We love helping people find work. You don't have to struggle on your own looking for a job. We would love to help. Boost your chances of getting a good job through VAC, one of the leading recruiters in Myanmar.

Our Services for Employers

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Guaranteed Recruiting Service

Advance payment is not required (No Upfront Cost)

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Bulk Recruiting Packages

No charge for recruitment service and allows you to recruit 100 job positions

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Premium Recruiting Packages

Recruit high salaries or large numbers of employees at a low cost

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Advertising Jobs Service

Pay per post with the cheapest price

We offer a variety of job posting, staffing and recruiting solutions in Myanmar to find you the right employees. We seek candidates on your behalf. Advance payment is not required for our recruiting services. Job vacancies for your company will be posted for free on our website and social media pages. We select the suitable CVs from the many applicants and send them to you for free. Boost your chances of getting qualified candidates now through VAC, one of the leading employment agencies in Myanmar.

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